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Luzia Barclay
Tel: 01722 330663
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(Filipendula Ulmaria)
In the 19th century an Italian professor isolated one of its ingredients which is salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is now produced synthetically and sold as aspirin.

The drug aspirin has lost its popularity because some of its common side effects are stomach bleeding and ulceration.

These side effects do not occur when the whole plant is used in form of a tincture or as herbal tea.

Protects the mucous lining

Meadowsweet contains many constituents like tannins and other substances which protect the mucous lining of the stomach.

Digestive remedy

Meadowsweet is one of the best digestive remedies. It reduces excess acidity by balancing the acid secretions of the stomach wall and it eases nausea. Acting as a natural antacid, it can be used to treat heartburn, flatulence, gastritis and stomach ulcers.


Meadowsweet also acts as anti-inflammatory which makes it an effective remedy to treat any kind of rheumatic pain in the joints.

The flowers and leaves are used to reduce acidity in the stomach and to relieve rheumatic pain.

Another recognised property of Meadowsweet is its action as a diuretic which is useful in cases of water retention.

On the continent Meadowsweet is successfully used to combat obesity and cellulite.

More information: factsheetsAn acid stomach e.g. can be caused by an unbalanced diet. A change of diet will have to be considered in this case, while herbal treatment will help to re-balance and re-adjust the secretion of stomach acid.

As always, if symptoms persist for more than three days, consult a qualified practitioner. Luzia is a qualified registered medical herbalist, and can be contacted in case of any questions. Call her on 01258 456223.

  • Caution is necessary when using Meadowsweet with Warfarin because both have a blood thinning effect.
Meadowsweet - July 2010 Newsletter
Herbs For Healing Newsletter - Meadowsweet. Queen of the Meadow. Meadowsweet works as a painkiller, a blood thinner and as an antacid. It contains salicylic acid, the principal ingredient in aspirin.
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