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Luzia Barclay
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(Zingiber officinale)
inger is warming and stimulating.

It promotes gastric secretions and helps to absorb the food.

Its main property is to stimulate the peripheral circulation, i.e. the circulation in the hands and feet.

It improves the circulation and helps to heal chilblains and cramp.

Ginger creates a feeling of warmth and wellbeing, especially for those feeling the cold in winter.
As a warming remedy it promotes perspiration if drunk as a hot tea.

It brings down a fever and helps to clear catarrh.

A piece of ginger (fresh or crystallised) is as effective for travel sickness as any drug, and has no side effects.

Ginger also inhibits clotting and thins the blood.

It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
Ginger - December 2011 Newsletter
Herbs For Healing Newsletter - Ginger. Confucius wrote about it in 500BC. A versatilie plant, used medicinally for at least 2000 years. Works on the stomach and circulation. A warming plant, keeps the winter chills at bay.
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