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Luzia Barclay
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Aloe Vera
If you slice the leaf there is a transparent gel inside.

This gel can be applied directly to the skin.

It is "a most ingenious mixture of antibiotic, astringent, coagulating agents, while also being a pain and scar inhibitor and a growth stimulator. It accelerates the healing of injured surfaces."

Aloe is excellent for first aid treatment for burns and scalds.

It prevents sunburns by "blocking out over 90% of the burning rays but allows over 75% of the tanning rays to reach the skin."
Internally Aloe helps to reduce rheumatic pain, ulcers in the alimentary tract and it prevents and cures constipation.

The yellow sap is bitter and acts as laxative. It flows between the skin of the plant and the gel.

Dosage: For internal use take 0.1 to 0.3 grams of the juice.

For external use apply the gel generously to the skin.

Caution: As Aloe stimulates uterine contractions, it should be avoided during pregnancy.

As it is excreted in the mother's milk, it should also be avoided during breast feeding, or it may be laxative to the child.