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Registered Medical Herbalist
Luzia Barclay
Tel: 01722 330663


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Learn about the alternatives to antibiotics, which allow us to protect ourselves from infection and viruses - and don't lead to the development of superbugs and MRSA
Is there a way of dealing with pain naturally? This workshop explores what pain is and what it means, looking at ways to ease it without side effects.
Looking mainly at Type Two diabetes this workshop discusses ways to improve the health of liver and pancreas.
The most popular course - and introduction to herbal medicine, and its uses for common ailments.
An introduction to some of the most effective herbs and spices that improve digestion.
Love the idea of foraging for your own natural first aid kit? This workshop shows you how to find some and prepare some simple home remedies from out in nature!
This is an introductory course where we will learn to make a basic face cream with natural ingredients.
Make your own natural shampoo, shower gel and face scrub with natural ingredients. Take samples and plenty of recipes home with you so that you can make them for yourself or as presents.
This is a herbal course that will explore alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs like Valium, Prozac, Seroxat and many others.
During the last year we have experienced that viruses can be harmful and even lethal for many humans. However two facts must be kept in mind: a strong immune system supports us in dealing with viruses, and secondly, most viruses are essential for our surv
Make your own face cream, hand or foot cream, shampoo and shower gel with natural ingredients