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Registered Medical Herbalist
Luzia Barclay
Tel: 01722 330663

about Luzia Barclay and Herbsforhealing

Luzia with her grandson. Luzia is trained in Western Traditional Herbal Medicine. She completed her diploma in Botano Therapy with the IRCH (http://irch.org/) in September 2001. Since then she has been practising herbal medicine, teaching and giving talks and presentations about a wide range different health subjects.

This website contains some of the articles and research that Luzia has collated and written over the years, and provides a resource for people interested in medical herbalism and naturopathy.

Alfons Riemer, Luzia's father, is her greatest inspiration. He exclusively used herbs throughout his life for his own health and to heal the animals on his small farm. He had an incredible quality of life up until his death at 90, despite having suffered many hardships through two world wars and a huge amount of upheaval, uncertainty and loss.

A serious kidney disease led Luzia onto the path of natural healing after experiencing the outstanding benefits of homoeopathy and herbal medicine. This gave her a profound appreciation for a natural approach to healing, which continues to this day, under the governance of official bodies in the UK such as the IRCH.

"Under the provisions of the Human Medicines Act 2012, section 6, herbalists continue to have the right to dispense their prescriptions to patients after a face to face consultation, with the practitioner formulating the prescription in the traditional manner. Students of the IRCH are taught to prescribe and prepare herbal remedies in line with traditional philosophy and practice, within the continued legal protection of the Medicine Act." IRCH

Luzia makes it a priority to continually update her practice with new research and knowledge from different medical approaches to become better able to address health issues in the patients that consult her.

Having grown up in Germany she is able to conduct herbal consultations in both German and in English.