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China: goes from 30 million malaria cases a year - 70 years ago - to WHO Malaria Free status – could Africa be next?

The German online congress ‘Medicine of the Earth (translated by LB) – giving Artemisia annua a voice’ was held in July 2021 with the aim of spreading knowledge about this plant’s history and efficacy. One of the main topics for the group was to evaluate the differences ...
It looks as if the corona virus is here to stay. The question arises: How can we strengthen our health and specifically our respiratory system so that we are better able to cope with this virus?

Covid-19 is a new disease to us humans. We are learning how to deal with it and how to minimise the harm it may cause. We are confronted with plenty of news and with fake news.

In March the BBC News ...
This new virus, that seems to originate from bats, can affect our airways and lungs. It can lead to a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath.

The big questions are: why do some people get infected by this virus and experience no symptoms? Why do others fall ill once they become infected?

And, why do some people sadly die as a result of this viral infection?

What is different ...
In Nature as in the human gut, biodiversity is essential for health.

Antibiotics can save lives, no doubt about that. Using antibiotics however, leads to bacterial resistance, a problem that we are frequently warned about. As a result, medical people are instructed to use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary.

Bacterial resistance leads to the creation of ‘superbugs’ that are not e ...
Why there are plenty of reasons to respect the good old nettle!

If any plant should be called a superfood, the stinging nettle deserves that title.The nettle does not require a botanical description because I very much doubt that anyone, anywhere, not least in Europe, is unfamiliar with this species.

Some may dislike it, see it as a nuisance, and resort to weed-killers, whilst others activel ...