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The bee product Propolis has a lot to offer

June last year saw the first international propolis conference take place in Strathclyde University, Glasgow. Scientists and researchers from all over the world presented their results.

There were speakers from Brazil, Moscow, New Zealand, Romania, Portugal, Morocco, Japan, etc.

The two day conference turned out to be highly informative and it was amazing to see how much research is being done all over the world on this ancient traditional remedy and bee product.
Propolis, which is collected and processed by bees, is essential for the survival of a bee colony. It helps to inhibit the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi within the hive that are a real threat in the humid and warm conditions in which thousands of creatures live close together.

Propolis, when extracted and used as a medicine for humans, has been shown to be beneficial in dealing with upper respiratory tract infections including strains that are resistant to penicillin.

Propolis has a lot to offer as an alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics particularly in view of the ever increasing problem of bacterial resistance.

Bacteria find it extremely difficult to develop resistance to propolis because it is such a complex chemical that varies constantly.

Once ingested, propolis has a wide range of health benefits, for bees and for humans. It strengthens the immune system so that we are better able to deal with bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It has exquisite wound healing and anti-microbial properties. Its immune modulatory effects can rebalance the immune system which can be most helpful in dealing with allergies and autoimmune conditions.

Prominent dentist, author and chairman of the British Homeopathic Dental Association, Dr Philip Wander, who spoke at the conference, has used propolis successfully in his dental practice for decades. He finds propolis particularly helpful in dealing with inflamed gums and mouth ulcers.

The second international propolis conference takes place in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, next September.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about the practical uses for propolis.
Propolis - January 2012 Newsletter
One of nature's most potent and powerful substances. Produced by bees, it's a natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and immune booster. Best of all it doesn't create resistance that leads to superbugs.
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