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Registered Medical Herbalist
Luzia Barclay
Tel: 01722 330663

Herbs for healing. What does ‘healing’ actually mean?

Unfortunately it does happen that we cut ourselves, burn our skin, maybe even break a bone or catch a cold. And hopefully we get better soon afterwards. We heal, we recover.

This ability to mend and to heal is inbuilt in to our system, it’s our innate healing force. Some call it vital force or life force, some call it Qi or Prana, or breath of life.

So is the existence of this innate force wishful thinking? A matter of belief?

Arguably, it helps to believe in it because the mind is a powerful force.

The process of healing is a fact, it’s a reality. Its visible component is our immune system.

It is a very complex system consisting of the lymphatic system and a huge array of white blood cells, and of specific parts found in the brain, or the Waldeyer ring in the throat area.

There are parts of this system in the respiratory tract, in the liver, in the digestive system, in the brain, literally everywhere in our body.

The choice we have, in every moment is: to support this healing power or to hinder it. To rest when we feel tired? To eat junk food? To ‘burn the candle at both ends’?
Natural remedies have a powerful supporting effect in the process of getting better.

Hawthorn flowers, leaves and berries contain cardioglycosides that ‘feed’ and strengthen the heart, horsetail contains silica which are building blocks for hair, nail, teeth and bones.

Nettles contain iron and many other minerals which make this ‘weed’ an effective blood tonic.

Research has found that Ginkgo biloba improves the circulation in the brain.

The seeds of the milkthistle plant help to prevent liver problems and can restore a damaged liver.

Dandelion is a powerful diuretic and, at the same time, provides a good amount of potassium.

The list of benefits of medicinal herbs is long.

Our own healing force and medicinal herbs go very well together, they are a good team.
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