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Registered Medical Herbalist
Luzia Barclay
Tel: 01722 330663

Dealing with pain: Naturally

Course Details ...
Is there a way of dealing with pain naturally? This workshop explores what pain is and what it means, looking at ways to ease it without side effects.
This workshop examines PAIN:

- What it is?
- What causes it?
- How can you treat it naturally?
- How helpful are Painkillers?

Pain can be a consequence of injury or a physical illness. It can be a physical response to a psychological problem such as stress and anxiety.

We will explore the importance of identifying the real CAUSES of pain, before looking at effective ways of alleviating it.

Pain is the body’s way of warning us of impending injury. It is an important defence mechanism in daily life. Following an injury, pain serves to protect: it forces us to rest, giving the body the opportunity to repair itself. This is why it is unwise to ignore pain. The body’s warning system is telling us that there is a problem that needs to be mended.
Can I book?
There are currently no Dealing with pain: Naturally courses scheduled. New dates are being added regularly so please check back soon. You can always contact Luzia and request a course or workshop.