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Fullers earth
(Magnesium Aluminium Silicate)
Ground green clay, detoxify and cleanse your body naturally

Green clay is the most versatile remedy nature provides. It also is very good value and it has no limited shelf life because it is inorganic like ground rock.

Each civilisation either has used or still uses ground clay.

Here in Britain it is known and sold as Fuller's Earth but it seems to disappear from the chemists shelves.

Green clay - safe wound healer

Green clay can be used externally as a wound healer.

It stops the bleeding wounds in seconds, it disinfects them, it cools inflammation and it draws tissue together. It greatly supports the healing process.

Good quality clay is sterile and safe to use on open wounds. It is the perfect first aid remedy.

Clay cleanses skin deep

Ground clay is also used externally as a skin cleansing remedy because it draws impurities out of the pores and defoliates effectively.

Oily skin can be re-balanced when clay is mixed with spring water or herbal infusion, dry skin is beautifully nourished when the clay is mixed with a good vegetable oil like organic avocado oil and then applied to the skin.

A face mask with clay will tighten and brighten the skin of any age.

Clay for leg ulcers

Leg ulcers heal much better when they are treated with ground clay because of its drawing and sterilising action.

Clay for internal use

The ground clay's healing and restoring properties are very visible when used externally on the skin.

Similar happens inside the body, its drawing properties help to rid the body from toxins and waste products and other pathological material.

Clay contains many important minerals and trace elements, which the body will absorb when needed. The clay itself is not absorbed.
Dosage and how to use clay

For internal cleansing put one tsp of clay in a glass of spring water, leave to stand over night, stir the mixture the next morning and drink before breakfast.

Once the clay and water are in the stomach it binds excess acid and soothes the stomach lining.

When it moves further down the digestive tract it attracts with its negative charge heavy metal, bacterial or viral toxins, anything which is harmful, draws it out the tissue and clears it out of the body.

Scientific research

"For thousands of years, people have used clay to heal wounds, soothe indigestion, and kill intestinal worms. Though the practice has declined in modern times, the recent rise of drug-resistant germs has scientists looking more closely at these ancient remedies to learn exactly what they can do and how they do it."

..."The antimicrobial agents in the clay poke a hole in the cell wall of the bacterium causing the bacterium to leak to death," he explained. "The nice thing about that is that there is no way that the bacterium can evolve to avoid it, so resistance to the antimicrobial clay is unlikely to become a problem."

Source www.sciencedaily.com


Ground clay is a very safe natural remedy.
"No interactions with prescription drugs or herbal remedies have been reported for French green clay as of 2004. However, because of the adsorptive qualities of French green clay, it may interfere with absorption of medications."

Source www.encyclopedia.com

Therefore one is advised to use the clay 1 to 2 hours away from taking any other medication.
Green or Ground Clay - January 2013 Newsletter
Volcanic clay contains 'negatively charged' minerals. Toxins tend to be positively charged. So when clay absorbs water its particles act like a sponge, binding together with toxins to be eliminated from the body.
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