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Registered Medical Herbalist
Luzia Barclay
Tel: 01722 330663

Propolis used in conjunction with medicinal herbs

Writes Luzia Barclay:

I will always be grateful to my sister for introducing me to propolis.

Since then I use it regularly, as do my family and my patients, with great success.

It helps to prevent infections and speed up the healing process in case of infectious agents invading the body.
As a practising medical herbalist I confidently incorporate propolis into the range of natural remedies that I provide.

Every few weeks I make a large batch of propolis, bottle it and prescribe it to my patients.

It is also sold as an immune boosting remedy to customers via my website.

My experience is that propolis works perfectly in conjunction with herbs.

The herbal remedies I make act constructively on single organs or the function of the body.

The strength of propolis is that it fortifies the immune system, which is the basis of health.

The antibiotic and antiviral properties of propolis seem to stem from the flavonoids it contains.

The Echinacea herb, which is famous for boosting the immune system, contains flavonoids too.

Flavonoids are essential for the absorption of vitamin C, both of which strengthen the body’s defences against bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Both Propolis and Echinacea stimulate the production of cellular interferon.

This is the body’s natural weapon for fighting viral infections.

The result is that the immune system becomes stronger and better able to fight future infections.

It is well known that conventional antibiotics have been overused and abused and are leading to the development of such superbugs as MRSA.

Childhood allergies are highest in countries where young children are frequently prescribed antibiotics.

Antibiotics interfere with the gut bacteria, which plays a key part in the function of the immune system.

As a result the immune system appears to be unable to distinguish between harmful and harmless micro-organisms.

The immune system then begins to overreact to the most common substances like house dust mites, dog hair, etc, resulting in rashes, sneezing and extreme discomfort in the body.

Propolis can really help by strengthening the immune system. It is our immune system, which fights the infection.

I have had some very encouraging feedback from people using propolis.

Here are some examples of how they have been helped:

- Propolis mixed into an aqueous cream helped one patient get rid of their athlete’s foot.

- For years one particular lady was unable to eat strawberries, tomatoes and apples without getting mouth ulcers. Since gargling with propolis tincture she hasn’t had a single mouth ulcer.

- Chronic sinusitis disappeared in days after another patient began taking propolis.

- A few drops of propolis mixed with green clay blended with a horses’ feed helped to remove sarcoids.

- Several patients found that the regular use of propolis helped to clear urinary infections.

- Propolis liquid in aqueous cream has reduced inflammation and itching of psoriatic patches on elbows for one patient.

Nature provides us with many effective remedies, let’s learn about them and use them!

To find out more please contact Luzia Barclay DBTh MIRCH, on 01722 330663, or sign up for half-day courses about natural remedies.