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Pain: What is it good for?

Acute pain is a signal for alarm.
It has life-protecting functions.
It is a cruel friend

A life without pain might seem be desirable, the ‘ideal’.

However pain is the body’s way of warning us of impending injury. It is an important defence mechanism in daily life.

We rely on pain to teach us how to master our complicated and dangerous environment.

We would suffer life-threatening damage if we were not warned by feeling pain.

It is natural to regard pain as negative. But it has a positive aspect in alerting us that something is wrong.

Pain can be a sign or consequence of injury or a physical illness.

It could be a physical response to a psychological problem (excessive stress, tension, anxiety).

It is important to identify the exact cause or causes of pain in order to find the most effective way of alleviating it.

Throughout life we build up a data of experience. We learn that boiling water will burn, that a rose has sharp thorns.

The sensation of pain teaches us to avoid sources of pain.

After any injury due to accident or excessive sport, pain serves as another protective function: it forces us to rest the damaged part and thus gives the body the opportunity to repair itself.

This is why it is unwise to ignore pain.

The body’s warning system is telling us that there is a problem that needs to be mended.

You should always assume that pain is a signal that something is wrong and respond accordingly.

Don’t try to continue with any activity that causes hurt, but protect and rest the affected part.

See a practitioner if you are not sure of the cause of the pain or what to do about it.

Pain Killers

What about pain-killers? Nobody wants to suffer pain. It is understandable that people use painkillers if they suffer from pain such as arthritic pain.

It is essential however that the cause of the pain is investigated and ultimately removed. Painkillers are not a solution in themselves.

The solution is to remove the cause of the pain. Painkillers numb the damaged area.

If people carry on regardless because the pain is reduced, and the underlying cause is still present, the damaged area can become damaged further.

As a consequence people begin to need stronger and stronger painkillers. As we know painkillers have serious side effects.

These range from increased danger of cardio-vascular problems to kidney damage to digestive problems like stomach ulcers.

To find out if natural remedies can help you with pain, or other ailments, contact Luzia Barclay on 01722 330663 or via this contact form.