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Luzia Barclay
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Much ado about flu: a herbalist's perspective

Yesterday 11.1.11 we had some good news. People who were infected with N1H1 swine flu “have an extraordinary immune response, producing antibodies that are protective against a variety of flu strains” (source NHS choices, 11.1.11).

Does this come as a surprise? The responses of the human immune system are responses, which have been protecting us and keeping us alive from viral and bacterial infections all throughout history.

This is the function of the human immune system. The very good news indeed is the fact that this specific response protects us against a variety of different flu strains.

Tamiflu and flu vaccination aside, what can we actually do to safely strengthen our immune system so that it is better able to protect us against viral infections? How can we protect ourselves from seasonal, bird and swine flu?

A strong immune system is better able to develop a positive protective immune response. Research has shown that certain foods have a strengthening effect on the immune system.
We need to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables because they contain many important vitamins and minerals, which provide essential building blocks for the immune system.

When you feel tired and ‘under the weather’ treat yourself to some good sleep, it is the best medicine. During sleep the white blood cells of the immune system are very active scanning the body for infected cells and getting rid of them by a process called phagocytosis.

Garlic is a food and a natural remedy, which has powerful medicinal properties. It stimulates the multiplication of infection-fighting white blood cells, boosts natural killer cell activity, and also increases the efficiency of antibody production.

Garlic helps to fight and prevent bacterial and viral infections.

Echinacea and the bee product propolis have shown to boost the immune system very effectively. They are the most common natural remedies, tested in many countries. Both remedies are safe and can be taken as a preventative or as a remedy to help the body to fight the infection.

Most natural remedies work best when they are taken as soon as one notices the first symptoms like a sore throat.

Stay healthy and happy!

Luzia Barclay

Always seek the advice of a doctor or registered herbal practitioner if in doubt.

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