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Green or Ground Clay - Herbs for Healing Newsletter

Ground clay is one of the oldest remedies used by mankind, and it’s still used today in many countries.

In France ground clay is sold as ‘Argile Verte’, which is ground in different grades, such as ‘fine’ for external use and ‘superfine’ or ‘micro fine’ for internal use.

In Germany ‘Luvos Heilerde’ (healing earth) is recognised as a medicine for acid stomach, it binds and absorbs cholesterol, and it can be taken for internal cleansing and for relief from food-related disorders.

Ground clay is beneficial for bloating and indigestion, diarrhoea and heartburn because it neutralises stomach acid and it has a detoxifying effect.

In the United States ground clays are sold as bentonites which are of volcanic origin. There is an electrical aspect to the property of many clays: they bind and absorb toxins.
How does clay help remove toxins?

The minerals of the clay are negatively charged while toxins tend to be positively charged; so inside the body the clay’s attraction works like a magnet, attracting metal shavings.

When clays like bentonite absorb water and swell, their particles are stretched open like a sponge; the toxins are drawn into these spaces by electrical attraction and bound fast and then eliminated with bowel movements.

Since the clay is never ABSORBED, either by blood cells or by the body cells, clay and toxins are bound together and eliminated from the body.

Is eating clay a good idea?

The idea of eating ground clay might sound a little primitive, if not old-fashioned.
According to wikipedia, the “first recorded use of medicinal clay is on Mesopotamian clay tablets around 2500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians also used clay. The Pharaohs’ physicians used the material as anti-inflammatory agents and antiseptics.”

Clay for human consumption

Sedimentary clays might have traces of lead, arsenic, cadmium and other
substances. Volcanic clays however are very pure edible clays.

Britain’s approach to medicinal clay

In Britain the sale of finely ground green clay for internal use is a ‘problem’ according to the Food Standards Agency.

It warns consumers, especially pregnant women, about the dangers of ingesting clay “… after high levels of lead and arsenic were discovered in products…”

Germany and medicinal clay

The German company ‘terra natura’ had their green micro fine clay tested in a laboratory and came to this conclusion after mixing gastric acid with green clay to measure absorption of lead.

“The ingestion of Green Mineral Earth according the suggestions (3 x 1tsp, corresponding 15g) is therefore in view of lead uptake judged to be safe in respect of article 14 of the EG regulations Nr 178/2002.”


Many face scrubs, face masks and defoliating preparations contain ground clay because of its drawing and deeply cleansing properties.

Treatment of wounds: Clay in your First Aid kit!

Once you see the healing effect on external wounds, you begin to understand how clay supports the body’s healing process.

It is worth keeping some ground green clay as a First Aid remedy and for all the above-mentioned reasons. What a versatile remedy!

Industrial effectiveness

Green clay is even sometimes used against industrial and radioactive pollution.
After the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant French green clay was
put into chocolate bars and dispensed freely to the citizens who where exposed to radiation.

To date the remains of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are buried under a
landfill of French green clay.

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Green or Ground Clay - January 2013 Newsletter
Volcanic clay contains 'negatively charged' minerals. Toxins tend to be positively charged. So when clay absorbs water its particles act like a sponge, binding together with toxins to be eliminated from the body.
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